Townhomes at Twenty01, Corpus Christi

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New-build Townhome Community with a Welcoming, Cohesive Design

The Townhomes at Twenty01, in Corpus Christi, TX, is an example of the result of getting us involved from the beginning of the process. It was a new-build townhome community, and we were involved from the branding and marketing to the exterior selections and interior design, creating a cohesive message for potential residents exploring the property.

The goal was to create welcoming and usable common areas for residents to gather and a model that prospects could imagine as home. Each space has its own “personality” while keeping the overall design concept consistent. The signage is clean and simple, and the exterior colors are fresh without being juvenile or trendy. The interiors are transitional, comfortable, durable and slightly more refined in order to appeal to the more established townhome resident.